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About unOwned slave

Trained to experience EXTREME pleasure

  • When and if permitted to Please, or
  • When and if allowed to Serve, or
  • When and if Ordered to Obey 
...a Dominant Younger Man


pix of me caging up 4 full obedience 10/18 on Division in tent

the unOwned slave

seeks - all or any:

... from a handsome or Dominant Younger Man

  • Master
  • Key-Holder
  • Use
  • Abuse
  • Feet to rub or care for

unOwned slave:

...does pay 4 use and mild abuse from Dom

...does go DEEP into trance real easy...

It's easy to put slave in a hypno-trance for:

TOTAL Obedience

H e is easily hypnotized by looking at a Dominant Young Man's Sneakers, Socks, or Feet

Grin and glare into his eyes (puts him in a stage 1 trance)

Point to your sneakers (puts him in stage 2 trance)

Whenever he looks up from Your Sneakers, nod and point down again.

That will push him deep into Obedient Trance with no will to disobey and the only desire to Please Serve and Obey You.

The longer he stares at your sneakers, the deeper into hypno trance he goes.

At his most comfortable: On his knees cleaning a man's sneakers

A Few Accomplishments

Best year spent $30,000 cleaning sneakers and rubbing feet of men.