i respectfully invite YOU to administer ABUSE and HUMILIATION in San Francisco
i've created a contract that outlines YOUR rights.
It states what i must do, and not do, while You ABUSE, and/or HUMILIATE me.
Perfect way for a str8 Man to get paid because no sex is involved,
You make the rules, and everyones clothes stay on! 
I agree to treat All DYM with the same respect a slave would offer His Master.  But this is not some wierdly
intense S&M roleplay.  
i accept all DYM at THEIR level and offer to help train you to ABUSE for Profit, and pay You too!. 
Many sessions have included laughter and commeraderie.  But i do seek intense sessions also.
if any DYM is willing to offer intense TRAINING and abuse, i want to Beg for it.

   Time   Service, Activity, and Levels of Intensities
  $5  1 - 2 Minutes
  1 - 10 Seconds
   Directing the sub into a situation that becomes increasingly humiliating is the goal. Plan, prepare, or set the scene.
   Then Spit in subs mouth or face -- spill beer, or soda on them.  Something to Humiliate them.  Something that says
   sub over estimates respect due to him, and under estimates the value of, and respect due to you.
   1 - 10 seconds of Spit or spill a drink, or food on them. 
 1 - 5  
  $10   3 - 5 Minutes
   Ruse as above, but a bit more involved.  Concentrate on deepening the Humiliation.  Make it more personal and
   don't be afraid to look sub in eyes to show yu are confident that you're justified in your actions.
 2 - 6