Some People Experience Humiliation as a Form of Pleasure
If You Alter Humiliation with Flirting and other Normal Emotions They Will become ADDICTed and Fall in Love!

Therefore, many admirers will gladly follow, if a Skater leads them into enslavement. Some will conclude on their own that it is their destiny to be a foot slave.

Glances from the side lines may become voices, begging, May I please give you $40 to look at your feet for awhile?

  1. Identify admirers
    1. Notice where their eyes focus when they watch you
    2. Detect subtle changes to breathing
    3. Watch for a twitch of an eyebrow at the mention of certain subjects
  2. Build and enhance Rapport
    1. Conversational Hooks
  3. Gain and Keep Their Trust
    1. Be Vague
    2. Use Ambiguous language
    3. Follow through
  4. Continually Enhance Attraction
    1. Nested Loop stories
    2. Push/Pull
    3. Create Confusion
    4. Create Suspence
    5. be Aloof
    6. Fractionation
  5. Replacement of Reason with Pleasure