Sir Jesse is an EXTREMELY Dominant Young Man, who i Met near Union Square.
i cleaned His Sneakers and rubbed His Feet right there as passersby looked on!

feeling VERY PROUD! Here's why:

  1. I saw an opportunity to share my submissive side with a Dominant Young Man who might appreciate it and acted on it.
  2. I'm proud that I found a way to begin serving, and that my offer was convenient enough for him to accept on such short notice.
  3. im proud that i followed Him, waiting, wondering, worrying if and when He would allow me to clean them, would i be allowed to kneel, would He wear them or take them off. And i pondered these issues without getting pushy or beligerent. i channeled the waiting into more and more fantasies and ideas involving His Sneakers, me kneeling, and Sir Jesse being served.
  4. i tried to keep my eyes on them as we we walked and talked, whenever it wasnt too rude, so that my need would be somewhat, rather than trying to hide and suppress it.
  5. i'm proud I was able to clean His Sneakers well enough that He commented on how good they looked when i finished.
  6. I'm proud that I showed him the respect he deserves.
  7. i'm proud to admit that I want to spend about $100 per week for an ongoing Dom/sub relationship. Only because that is all i can afford. if my budget were $500 per week, i'd gladly offer Him that!

March 30, 2018 - 6:30 pm

Been obsessing over the night i offered you $60 2 clean your sneakers!

Bout how you seemed non-judgemental - agreeable even, n just possibly a bit flattered! i was afraid to offer or request details, so they were open questions for about 10 hours.

Offered to stop by to rub His Feet, and bring Him to my place, if He wanted. Unfortunately, He wasn't nearby.

April 15, 2018 - 11:04 am

feeling guilty, stupid, and so LUCKY to have heard from Sir Jesse after refusing to see Him and ignoring His attempts to contact me!

i was rude to Sir Jesse over small matters

i dont deserve to be allowed the Pleasure of cleaning His Sneakers or even the Pleasure of seeing the Sneakers in person until ive been punished to His satisfaction